January 8, 2009

unicorn of the sea

My littlest seester, she really isn't that little, and her special friend have a endearing love for the "unicorns of the sea," so for Christmas I made them both their own narwhal-ish goodie. The seester got a little softie...

The special friend got a crown...
I was bit surprised that this 19 year old boy would be wanting a crown so badly, but he did. It was that or a poncho. I opted to make him the crown. Now, a pair of friendly narwhals grace his head and greet everyone, "Hola!" 

I haven't touched my sewing machine since Christmas, but I am starting to miss it. Though right now, there is lots of cleaning and organizing to be had.


  1. Oh my gosh! That crown came out of a storybook!! I love it!!

  2. adorable as always!

  3. wow!
    love the softie & crown.
    what lucky people:]

  4. I love, love, LOVE the colors of this crown, Ruby! The water is so beautiful on a creamy sky. Please open your shop again soon! I miss it!

    Love, Susan

  5. My besties sister loves narwhales, too! She's made some out of felt and every time I see anything narwhalish on Etsy, I send her a link.

    Your crown design is fabulous. I love the details.

  6. What an awesome crown...
    I am so mad I didn't order one for Molly's birthday...duh!

  7. Boys crowns, why not?! So adorable, any little man would be so excited to be wearing this. Lucy loves wearing her Beautiful Mum crown; which means I usually have to pry it off her at bedtime.

    Welcome back! Your cruise/Mexico sounded incredible and the family shot on the boat is so darlingxx

  8. this looks like too much fun!!! i looove it! hey who said there is a age where one should not wear crowns any more???? i might want to wear one too! fun pictures from mexico!!! we have fam vacation soon.....i can't wait. i have not touch the sewing machine either....i kind of miss it too! hugs!

  9. You're a great sister! And i had to giggle at the "special" friend comment... hmmmm.... you just never know, do you? Brother-in-law possibility?? ;)


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