January 13, 2009

polaroid tuesday: week two

Darn me. I'm sick again. Twice in a year is a very rare thing for me. All I want are soups and juice. I am sure (at least I hope), today will be a better day. I just hate not being able to do anything.


  1. here's to hoping for a quick recovery and lots of yummy soup :)

  2. feel better rubyellen!!
    try some tea. that always makes me feel better:]

  3. Aw, I'm sorry RubyEllen! Do you take any probiotics?? They're awesome!! Hope you get better fast!

  4. Ohh, so sorry to hear you're ill. Again! I hope your getting some TLC today. I confess that I sometimes (only sometimes) like getting sick, because it's one of those rare times I get be taken care of. :)

  5. Being sick was always more fun when you got to stay home from school and have your mom take care of you.

    Being a sick Mama is no fun at all:(

    I hope you're feeling 100% soon. Thanks for the excitement for RVA!

  6. Poor thing, it's a horrible feeling.

    Lots of Vitamin C powder throughout the day will kick a cold and give you untapped energy. Truly!

    Get well soon xx

  7. Just went through the same thing - get well soon!!


  8. i hope you feel better soon. the soup looks yummy! did you make it yourself? have some tea with honey!


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