December 8, 2008

two cookies and six grams of fat

These Trader Joe's Candy Cane Joe-Joe's are super duper delicious, but they made my Ben freak a little. He said, "1 serving is 2 cookies, 6 grams of fat and 140 calories. You can only eat 2 (a day)!" Thankfully, there is no hydrogenation in them, otherwise, they would be off limits. Well, that is my loving dietitian husband for you... 
Anyways, I had to try them after seeing Jen's post and luckily today T.J.'s was giving samples of them. I took one bite and fell in love... Jen was so right. I am hooked, you really ought to try them too. Thanks Jen for getting me in trouble!

Speaking of cookies, I did a little interview for Cookie Magazine's Nesting blog and it just came out today. I love all their house features, so the fact we are there too makes me smile big! So to see the True and Brave's rooms again or to read me babble a little, go here... 

I am really thankful for all the love our house has been getting in blogland considering only I know how messy our house really is! I hope you all aren't sick of my house just yet...

Happy Monday and I will be eating some of my yummy cookies... but only 2 (well, maybe three)!!!


  1. Rubes! I am so happy for you! yet another article! yay! Your house is amazing and you definitely deserve it. I praise God for how He is using you in the creative/online/crafting/house world. yay! May He continue to bless you abundantly.

    btw...did you get my little card?

    and...about the cookies..if Ben freaked because of them, I just wonder what he'll do when he sees the Christmas present I got you..uh oh!... =)

  2. neha- brave ate my penguin! she bit into it paper and all!!! that little one is crazy!

  3. I was just at Trader J's earlier this evening... why oh why couldn't I have read this sooner?! :o) Oh well, at least I know about them now. I remember trying some oreo's once that had green minty filling inside. They were quite good... but I have a feeling these will be even better. Next time, I'll be on a mission. Have a great Tuesday!

  4. Congrats on the interview.

    We have a quickly dwindling box of those cookies in our pantry as well.

    Finally got around to starting Twilight. Am finishing it up now...

  5. linnea- don't forget next time you go! and i promise you will love it! BTW... love your photography!

    becky- so what do you think so far? are you hooked?

  6. Two cookies! That is some major portion control. I need me a dietitian husband, too, instead of "Hey, let's get In-N-Out tonight!"

    Hehe, and thanks for the shoutout. Congrats on the Cookie interview! Heading over there right now.

    And I see, miss Becky, you've become entrapped in the whole Twilight deal, hmmmmm?... I admit, I'm finally caving and want to start the series myself.

  7. i just saw those at tj and debated on whether i should get them or not..but i opted out :(

  8. Do you mean "only two cookies" forever? Are they that bad? j/k :)

    ok, I really want them! Yum Yum! Thanks; I can't wait! :)

  9. Oh, I wanna try the cookies!!

    Sometimes it makes no good to read about stuff that happens in the other side of the world!! =/

    But, if you ever come to Brazil, you MUST remeber to try a homemade candy called "brigadeiro" (Everyone knows how to make it, it's really easy). You sould never forget this word! =)

    Kisses from Brazil!

  10. We will never get sick of your house Ruby!!! Congrats on the write up! We are addicted to Paul Newman's Mint Newman O's... now I have to check the ingredients. Have a great day!

  11. aww can we get sick of your home. no way jose! congrats on the cookie feature!!! love the interview. i have been hooked on reading it and looking at the amazing home tours around the world. so much inspiration. and the cookies? look delicious! i would probably only eat one. or two, or three. lol!

  12. dude. i keep coming back to your blog to look at those cookies.....

  13. seriously I look forward to those peppermint joe-joes every winter...hey try the Peppermint cheesecake with those on top...not as minty tho & so worth the $1.99. No one eats the cookies but my son & I so I end up eating a box over the course of a month =0!
    Congrats on more home tours...will have to check out the latest.

  14. those cookies ARE good, aren't they? Glad you've finally "discovered" them. Also, glad I found your blog (via Sugar City Journal), I am really loving your photography.


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