December 5, 2008


sfskljie dfi sldkfjioie kjle!

That was Elvish for... Christmas is almost here!!! So that means so are the Christmas elves...
Handcrafted by me and True (she used fabric markers to make the apron and color the baby Elf), they are positively friendly and very helpful in getting the house ready to celebrate our favorite holiday. They helped get out the decorations and put up the trimmings, but most of all they keep us entertained as they speak to us in Elvish. It sounds kind of funny.

And how do we know they are elves? Because of their shoes of course...

True had the most fun playing with the baby Elf, who likes to be tuck and hidden away with his Elf mama...
If you need some help decorating or just doing things around the house, maybe you should make some Elves. They aren't just Santa's helpers... they can be yours too!


  1. I was looking at this and Mimi walks up and says, "momma, can we make those too?"

  2. oh how i wish i had some elves to hlep me. I cant find enough hands and feet or the time to get all this holiday sewing done.

  3. wow, where did you learn how to speak elf?

    super cute as usual!

  4. That is so cute. I love the pointy one.

    When the girls are a bit older, you might like this tradition with them...

    They may already enjoy the hide-and-seek part, on a very basic level. We are loving it.

  5. libby- make one! she will love it!!!

    jenny- we love your stuff!!! true loves the blanket!

    abigail- santa taught me! ;)

    amy- that was such a great idea! i LOVE that doll that you made!!!

  6. Oh, how cute are they!

    I specially like the elfic apron! ;)

    Kisses from Brazil!

  7. Way too cute. The elves are pretty cute too;)

  8. asdfjj ksdjkfjl lkjsdf - that's elfish for :
    my 2 favoritest elves are truey and bravery.
    i keep on forgetting to email you the picture! i'll do it tonight!

  9. I just told Nathalie that I needed some elves!!! How adorable are yours?!!!!! SOOOO much! Again you amaze me... that is wonderful that True is helping make them! She'll always remember that! And I saw your wonderful home on SugarCity Journal! I think you're headed for the big time now girl!!!

  10. These elves are luscious!


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