November 27, 2008


We (Ben, True, Brave and I) are very thankful for you...
Our quickly put together banner (can you tell which I did and which True did?) inspired by this artistic mum.

My girls in their Thanksgiving vintage dresses...
These two have lots of love (and thanks) for each other.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


  1. thanks for praying for our sick hubbies! i am still VERY thankful for family and friends and for all of God's provisions whether we meet on thanksgiving day or not! you guys have a great thanksgiving day, too!

  2. happy thanksgiving!!!!!!!!! i hope you had a wonderful day!!!

  3. it's beautiful! and a beautiful photo too.

  4. how sweet of you!.....although I think I like your presentation a bit more :)

  5. I love the vintage dresses of your girls! Happy thanksgiving to u too! =)
    Though we don't have the thanksgiving holiday here in Brazil, I do have lots and lots to be thankfull for! =)

    Kisses from Rio de Janeiro! :)

  6. your daughters are PRECIOUS!!!! really! your older baby girl reminds me of my niece. just beautiful! xo

  7. Love the banner but the girls are just precious ;)

  8. Thank you for the lovely idea. I saw it on Crafty Crow and had our family make one as part of our Thanksgiving decorations. It turned out fantastic!


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