November 4, 2008

meet, shop, and hang out

Are you in the Los Angeles area?
On Saturday, November 15th, the genius behind famed clothing line Misha Lulu will be at Lola Baby in Glendora for a wonderful trunk show. Get wonderful digs at great prices... I already know what I want! Plus, meet the creative mind behind this lovely, funky clothing line...
Karen and her husband, Joe, started Misha Lulu and it continues to grow and expand each year (of course it would, who wouldn't love her stuff?!!). Recently, Karen was an Open House feature on Bloesem Kids, which is a pretty darn big thing! Her clothes have also been in magazines like Baby Couture, Small, US Weekly, Babytalk, so I think you get that point... you better come because there may never be another opportunity like this!!!

If you want to see more of her goodies, check out the Misha Lulu's site, and I promise that you will instantly fall in love with all of her stuff. It is the perfect mix of funky and cute. Or to get to know the creator more, check out her blog.

So come, get some Christmas shopping done, be there for a chance to win some raffles, and just to hang out! I know I will be there hanging out, so it would be cool if we could all meet together! So let's all be there to shop Misha Lulu, support Lola Baby, and win some prizes!!!

Shop Misha Lulu...
Read her blog...

Hope to see you there! Let me know if you plan to go... and maybe tomorrow I will have some goodies to share!


  1. I don't remember seeing this kind of wonderful clothing when my kids were this little!!! She is a talented woman!! I wish I lived near you!!!

  2. Lucky me...I live in Glendora! I'll be there.

  3. i'll see if i can make it.
    a fun excuse to get together, too!

  4. Sounds fun. Too bad no boy stuff.

  5. my dear, you have been tagged. I couldn't resist! go to my blog if you are interested :)

  6. do you have to have a baby to attend?

  7. sammi- oh i will get to that!

    lin- come!!! no baby necessary!!!

    jen- i think misha lulu has some boys stuff. let me find out if she is bringing any of it...

  8. libby- come!

    jenny- i will see you there!!!

  9. I love her clothes. My nieces wear them. The sizing and fit is superb.


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