October 9, 2008

steak and potatoes

I'm hooked...

Twilight is quite addicting. I have read 4 novels in a span of 3 weeks and Twilight is my newest addition. Thanks to Nat and Bethany raving about it, I had to give it a shot. I went to the library hoping to check it out, but to my dismay, there was already a long waiting list for the book. I didn't want to buy it because 1) We are trying to save money 2) I read books so fast, it almost becomes a waste of money. So a couple days ago, I succumbed to buying it, as the paperback was on sale at Target. I started it yesterday... and well I am done today. No worries, I wasn't a neglectful mom and I still made and sent out my orders, I really am just an unusually fast reader, which has its pros and cons. Novels can be the death of me... it is such an addiction.

Anyhow, I started reading yesterday and Bella (the main character) was cooking for her dad, Charlie, for the first time. It was steak and potatoes. Now, I am not usually a red meat eater, we don't ever buy it at our house. But at the instance, I had to have it. Even while I ate my lunch, fish tacos, it didn't taste so good compared to the idea of steak and potatoes. I had to have it. 

Immediately, I called my Ben and declared my immediate need for it. He was surprised. But the good and loving man that he is, he came home with a steak and a potato (and he is quite thrifty in that he got the steak from the discounted meat section of the market for $2.50!). Then, he whipped it up for me with a delicious recipe he found. Then with utter contentment, I relished in my steak and potatoes as I continued to read...
So now, the books is done. I have decided that for my birthday I would like the rest of the series, but the only problem is, my birthday is still 3 weeks away and I am not sure if I could wait that long. 

Since my Benny reads this, here is my birthday wish list (just in case he wants to get me something):
1. wide angle lens (though I know with the economy Ben is scared to spend).
2. these shoes (they're on sale).
3. or these (doubt anyone is gonna have them shipped from the UK).
4. this basket (but I can probably find a similar one for cheaper at the flea market).
5. and I would really love one of her Lumi dolls (this would be for me to play with).

But really, I want the rest of the Twilight series, but I don't think I could wait that long, so I probably will have them before then. I mean, come on, who could wait to continue the story of Edward and Bella, so very much forbidden, yet so romantic. 

My Ben is my Edward.

I know, I am a sap who loves to read. Reading is like watching a movie in your mind. If you love movies, you would love to read. Reading is actually better, cause it doesn't end in 2 hours. For me, it ends in 4.

Well, anyways, happy thursday! Tomorrow I may have some new things to show you...

***While just rereading this post, it may seem some may think I am pregnant. I am not. Just to be clear.***


  1. You are so cute! Now I have a craving for steak and potatoes!!! When is your birthday? Mine is Nov. 4th! email me... I have a surprise for you!! (bethany.hissong@gmail.com)
    xo~ Beth

  2. i loooooove reading and wish i had more time. i'm reading the last book in karen kingsbury's baxter family series. have you read that one? i think the youth girls at my church read "twilight." i totally agree with the movie in your mind idea. have you read francine rivers' mark of the lion series? talk about a blockbuster hit!


    iris- ooo... after i am done with the twilight series, I will definitely check those out. I am so out of the loop as far as authors lately, seeing I haven't really read since having True, but I am happy to be back in and reading... I can go into the wee hours of the morning just reading.

  4. Rubyellen, have you looked on Paperback Swap? You might be able to find a copy of the books you want there. PBS has been a real money saver for me, and even when I have to break down and buy a book new, I feel better knowing I can post it on PBS and it will be passed on to someone else (and I'll get credit to pick another book for "free"!)

  5. Funny, I was wondering if you were pregnant as I read the post!

    And the bag came today. And it is beautiful. Thank you, again. Kai loves it too. He thinks it's his to put his trains in it. But I'm like, no way man, you're not going to get this bag dirty.

  6. Jenn- I am so happy you like it and that Kai does too!!! It is plenty big to hold mommy and kids stuff!

  7. I have several friends begging me to read Twilight. I guess I'll have to succumb, though I think it will be a happy, relaxing concession!

  8. melissa- you will love it. the characters are young, but who can resist a dangerous, but intriguing love story.

  9. everyone i know back in the east coast reads the Twilight series, especially my little sister and yes, my mom! I've been meaning to start reading the series too, maybe I should before the movie comes out.

  10. i too have been sucked into twilight. it is a vortex! did you see the new trailer for the movie that came out today? my friend (who is OBSESSED with Edward) made me watch it with her (okay, I really wanted to watch it too) and it looks really really good!

  11. i had filet mignon (fill-it mig-NON) at Outback tonight with a baked potato...mmmmmm you make me miss it already

  12. I've been wanting read Twilight. I am a very regular user of PaperbackSwap.com and there are NO copies of Twilight available! I've had it on my wish list for awhile now. I was at Target the other day and even they were sold out. I'm hoping someday serendipidy will happen and I will find the book, or it will find me.

  13. rlwicks- oh you have to get it! i would be glad my copy but unfortunately my sisters have it and will be passing it along with each other. you will instantly fall in love... i think amazon has it for the best price... might as well buy the whole series and then if you spend over 25 it is free shipping... i think! let me know when you get it!

  14. yeahhhhhhhhh i'm so excited about you and twilight. paul is my edward too....but i still love the "real" edward!!!!! lol!!!! i guess we will have to cook steak and potatoes tonight!

  15. Okay, just purchased the first two on Amazon and they're on their way. Just have to find some time to read them!


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