October 30, 2008

Lela part 2

I think I am liking the ginormous bow (compared to Lela part one)...
What do you think?

After some inquiries and encouragement, a few Lelas will be in the shop... soon. Still working out some kinks, but she will be a once in awhile item up for grabs.

Thank you so much to the wonderful blogs out there that have said such nice things about the rooms. I really just take different things I see in magazines that I love and a few things I come up with in my head and well, then you got the rooms.

Tomorrow is Halloween and we find that pretty exciting. Don't forget to check back tomorrow because I will have a special treat for you, in "true" Bratcher tradition.


  1. Yay!!! I love Lela!!! :] I can't wait for the once in a whiles! :]

  2. Can't wait to see the Halloween treat you have in store tomorrow. Lovely blog!

  3. love the big bow, ruby! a doll made by you would just have to be adorned with a lovely hair accessory :O)

  4. My 9 yr. M. was looking at this with me and she said, "Yeah, I like the bigger one better too."

    Good choice!

  5. i am in love with this dollie...so cute! :)

  6. I want one JUST LIKE THIS!!!! She is ADORABLE!!!!

  7. i love lela! i love your dollies. i really dig the skinny legs!


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