October 14, 2008

artful scribbles

It is absolutely a delight to see my little ones color and create to their heart's content. The little hands moving around and around, lines going this way and that, the vision of a child cannot be recreated...

Their (and all children's) art are truly unique. Innocent. One of a kind.

I wish I had the talent and vision of a child.


  1. Actually i think you possess more talent than children... yours is still fun and colorful and full of joy... but it's also intelligent and extremely creative! It looks like they are having fun!! I want a big chalkboard in my house now!! ;)

  2. Maybe you just have to uncover it. Look at people like Picasso, Matisse, Klee, Basquiat and so on. Fine, they are hugely talented, but that doesn't mean you can't explore what it means to have that child's vision, experimentation and freedom.

  3. Ruby!

    You know what I totally ate yesterday after reading one of your entry...

    STEAK and Baked POTATO.


    Brave is growing up... too fast..!!!

  4. ELLEN- haha... you are hilarious!!! you have to read the books. seriously, you will fall in love with the main characters! we gotta do our book reading!

  5. YES please.

    I saw your books at Target and totally thought of you! let's seriously put something together for a book club.

    we just have to get our Miss Kim to say yes too! =)

    i miss true and brave. =(

  6. "I wish I had the talent..."

    But you DO! True and Brave couldn't wish for a better mama.

    P.S. Love Lela, especially her lopsided bun. She ain't no cookie-cutter Parisian...


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