September 18, 2008

land of the hot and sunny

I kind of disappeared for a little, but that is only because we tagged along with my Benny as he had to take care of some work in Palm Springs. A land of palm trees, dirt, mountains, cacti and lots of heat... Oh and thank you so much for all the nice words for my latest Anthro inspired concoction! I really was encouraged by so many of you! I really did especially enjoy making that last dress for Brave. I have so many other little frocks in mind that I have been busily sketching here, that I can't wait to be sewing again after this nice little week of hiatus!

Well, as soon as we get home I will share more of our pictures of our time in the dessert, but until then...

Have a good rest of the week everyone!

Almost forgot, but I wanted to share another new little place for Cakies, the wonderful online shop Craftsbury Kids! They carry a whimsical range of handmade goodies from artists everywhere, which include my personal favorite Mummysam. I have loved this shop since I first learned about them from Cookie Magazine, so I am so excited to see Cakies there! Thanks Cecilia for this wonderful opportunity! So go support this super duper lovely store and shop Craftsbury Kids...


  1. Wow, bagoong (ha, don't know how to spell it, either) on mango? You're hardcore! The funny thing is, I couldn't stand a lot of it...the kimchi, chocolate meat, fish eyes...ick.

    So sad that my kids won't know much about their culture! There isn't even a Goldilocks I can at least take them to.

  2. what a lovely complement!! Again, I was thrilled to see that we are going to be on there together :)

  3. Thank you for the kind words. I'm thrilled to have your gorgeous work on the site. :)


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