September 30, 2008

homepage goodness and a new stack

It is always exciting to make it to the etsy homepage, even more special is that it's my littlest seester wearing Cakies...

Also, I have a wonderful new stack of vintage fabric, which consists of some european linen and more tablecloths...
I love new stacks of fabric. I love to fold, and re-fold and look at them cause they are darn pretty! Now, if I can just get orders done to make something for my girls and more once in awhiles to put in the shop.


Also, check out a friend's new etsy shop and another friend's contest... both rock! And don't forget to enter to win the Free People inspired bag (see post below)...


  1. Congrats, Ruby! I am super excited for you with all of your recent hoopla! :) And I was so surprised to know that you just recently took up sewing and look at you now!!! You are an inspiration.

  2. erika- thank you so much. it has been a wonderful journey and continues to be... the most special thing is that i get to make great blogging friends like you!

  3. ruby, your cakies blog is so adorable. i hope you don't mind if i give a little shout out to my friends on my blog about it! i have several friends who i think would be inspired by you!

  4. i don't know what kind of handmade stuff you like but check out my friend ashley's blog at

  5. iris- thank you so much! it would be such an honor... and i am going right now to check out your friend's blog! i am sure i will love it.

  6. look how famous you are!

    i'm just glad i found your blog... i've been sewing since kindergarten, although not very often any more. i feel so inspired when i get to see the new things you come up with, and the new materials you work with.

  7. Abigail- haha... famous, hardly, but this past week has been a definite blessing! Sewing since kindergarten... wow! you must be good!!! i am sure you have lots more to teach me and i would love to learn from a seasoned seamstress!

  8. seasoned seamstress.. that makes me giggle!

    these days, i make plain and simple skirts for my (sensory integration issues) daughter and one quilt each year to raise money for multiple sclerosis.

  9. oh that stack of fabrics looks so devine! Love it!


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