September 10, 2008

absolutely giddy

I am trying a new little thing using free motion embroidery, maybe I will be done tomorrow. It makes me giddy and I can't wait to see how it turns out...
Cakies has also gotten some wonderful press today at Baby Style Watch... another reason to be giddy!!!

Then, a wonderful Cakies merger with the fabulous Grosgrain. I love Kathleen and was so excited to see her "Make Believe Frock" that was accompanied by my Too Lovely Tulip Crown, so now go by her blog and say hello, and you will have a chance to win her lovely frock and a Cakies Crown!

Cakies + Grosgrain = lots of giddiness

As you can see, there is lots of excitement going on in our little world!!!

One baby is asleep and one is going to soon, I am off to continue my embroidery...


  1. You two make the perfect pair! I agree with her... your mum crown is gorgeous!! You are a true artist with felt!!

  2. To be honest i dont know too much about crafters! I mean, my next door neighbor makes jewelry ( thatis soo cute) but just really not my thing. =/ I do know a lot of crafts stuff though.? ( dont get me wrong ! ! )
    2. Ok so my favorite item is Mama rosy posy, its big, and yellow ! SO CUTE ! =D


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