August 25, 2008

walking and jumping

My Brave has a new found skill of walking, therefore I made her a "walking dress"...
Made of some soft, buttery yellow linen (the fabric is a gift from a friend) and is reversible with some vintage reproduction fabric. Come on, every new walker needs to be able to have free little legs in linen! Of course, a trace of her teeny footprints embroidered, along with a tiny "b", onto a sweet pocket is a perfect way to remember this important milestone in my Brave's life.

Then, True needed something equally as sweet. We were going to a jumper party, so she needed a sweet "jumper dress" to mark the jumpin' good time she would have...
The lovely, chocolate brown linen (also a gift) would prove to be lightweight to carry her as high as she possibly could jump. Of course, the dress had to be a jumper of sorts to be sure that everything would stay in place as she tries to defy gravity. Plus, with all the kids that would be there (and possibly wearing jumpers too), I didn't want her to get lost or confused with someone else, so to be sure this didn't happen, her name was lovingly stitched in...
So True is her name and jumping was her game...
Well, it seems she did some tumbling too!!!

These dresses were quite fun to make. I have really been challenged and inspired by many talented women to make more natural, creative, and heirloom-ish dresses for my girls. I think it is so much more special to have a mama-made dress... maybe they will pass this on to their girls one day!

***Thanks Helen for teaching me new tricks!!!


  1. Wow- I love your dresses! Too cute.

  2. WOWWWW...i love love it so much. great job!

  3. Oh, brilliant creations! I LOVE both of them!

  4. Wow!! This baby have so beautiful dress!! Nice pictures!!

  5. Both of those dresses are ADORABLE. Brave and True are so blessed to have such a creative Mama making them special things so often! I think what you're doing is great.

  6. Love the footprint detail! Great way to keep track of those walking feet brfoe they grow too big.

  7. Oh my gosh!! I just love the little walking dress. What a great idea.

  8. I was just thinking that the brilliance of Melissa and Lynne has rubbed off on you too!!! These dresses are too cute! I love the the little feet tracings!!! I wish I had done more of that when my two were little... you only get one chance and then they grow. Nathalie is a great friend to send that cute fabric! And I can't believe that Brave is walking around now and True is just a doll in her jumper! They will definitely think this is cool when they grow up!

  9. how wonderful the gifts were used for such special little dresses!!!! ohhh ruby you just made my day!!!!!!!!!! i love both of them...and love even more the photos of the girls wearing these special creations!!!! you rock!

  10. These are too cute for words. I LOVE the idea of capturing Brave's little feet like that. And True's jumper is beyond adorable. If only I had sewing skills...

  11. oh my....they are just absolutely lovely...makes we want to try for a girl this time(ok., well maybe not...two boys is plenty)

  12. Oh your embroidery is just divine! It really makes the dress.
    Jumping & walking what fun your two girls are having =)

  13. ooo I love reading your blog bits about your girls
    it brings back memories of when my own mother would make my sisters and I dresses,
    I agree 100% its so lovely to make lil dresses then buy them from a boring old store
    theres also the added bonus of the saved money heehee and the artistic freedom one gets from such activity :)
    congrats to Brave for walking thats a big milestone
    what a lovely idea to mark it with a OOAK dress
    True's dress is simply delightful too

  14. Adorable! I especially love the personal touches, like Brave's initial and footprints and True's name...So sweet and things they will treasure forever!
    You are inspiring me to want to sew!

  15. Oh thank you so much everyone! it really meant so much to make these dresses and i am still learning the ins and outs of dressmaking. i wish i was pro like the girls over at Sugar City!

    Melissa- You and lynne are just so amazing! I wish one day i could be half as fantastic as you!!!

    Bethany- yes... i agree! melissa and lynne are the best! and nathalie is the best for sending me this gift!!! it is amazing the circle we have in blogosphere...

    nathalie- I love the fabric!!! thank you so much!!! i was so glad to make something so special from this ... thanks times a million!

    Sam- have a girl! they are loads of fun... but i am sure boys are too!

    Iris- I agree... forget about old navy! go mama-made!!! but i do still love old navy, but our budget has no room for that store, so i just make everything!

    Nicole- Sew! You would love it!!! I know you would...

    Thank you again everyone... i am so encouraged by you and i am so excited that my hands are getting fuller with Brave's new talent!

    xoxo ruby

  16. These are darling! The footprints on the dress are so great. Lucky little girls!

  17. Darling jumpers!!

    Just for a moment, and only a moment, it would be fun to be sewing for really little people again. I'll just have to make for others when that mood hits. 'Cuz I'm done with babies at my house.


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