August 29, 2008

fridays are nice

The end of the week is here and so is the end of my giveaway and as chosen by the random number generator, the winner is...
Yes, a very lovely blog, by a very inspiring Erika, who lives an ocean away. She even has a most wonderful etsy shop full of goodies that you should most definitely check out!

Congratulations Miko Design!

Oh and I had to share that you could win a Cakies Crown from a giveaway that is being done at Mammalicious Finds, so check it out!!!

Now I am off to finish a few orders, work on a few new things for the shop (I just did a massive shop update and I am liking the cleaner background), and spend more time with my girls and my Benny (when he finally comes home).

I will be back next week to share a cool project we did, the results of my decorating frenzy in Brave's room and just loads of more happy creating, but until then...

***Don't forget my silent auction for Nie Nie is still going on and everywhere else until Sunday midnight.***


  1. I can't wait to see what beautiful things you've done in Brave's room! Congrats to Miko Design too!!! I am cleaning up and getting ready for a productive fall... I think it's in the air! Have a great weekend! I hope Benny comes home safely! ;)

  2. Hi there, I stumbled across your blog in the crafty/sewing blog world and LOVE your creations. The Brave and True dresses you made below? ADORABLE. I'm so inspired by so many blogs. How can I ever keep up with all these great ideas? Thanks for posting your cute stuff!
    I have a sewing blog here:
    and my website/store is here:

  3. Congrats Miko :)
    Goodluck with the silent auction its a great cause :)

  4. wooow...jippie!!! we are so happy...


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