August 15, 2008

a freaky friday

It was quite a busy day...

I turned in my little project... yahoo!!!

Finished a bag.

Made 2 nursing covers (for presents).

Made a shopping cart cover (for another present), which is something I vowed to never make again the last time I made it... maybe this time I'm serious.

And if that wasn't crazy enough, decided to make 2 dresses for my babyCakies (but one was from my old skirt, so that was simple)...

Oh and did I mention True decided to poop 6 times today!!! That doesn't count her little pee diapers or Brave's diapers... yikes!

Today, was definitely a freaky Friday. Let's hope the weekend doesn't turn out to be the same...


  1. what did you make with the black and white fabric? I have a "hooter hider" made from that and loved it (when I needed it! haven't nursed in 2 years now...)
    Did you make the nursing cover with it? (See, you ARE me in bizarro world!)
    I also have a few yards of the same pattern in red, sitting here, as I have been trying to figure out what to do with it for the longest time. I can't seem to commit to one idea, though.
    I love that pattern.

  2. Libby- I made a nursing cover!!! haha... that is too funny! And they have that in red. Ooo... I am sure that looks equally as lovely!

  3. Oh my goodness, do you make nursing covers? I just bought one from bebe au lait for $35 plus shipping! Do you sell them, and if so, what's your price b/c I have a few friends that would want them....

  4. Wow... and Freaky Friday was just showing on tv last week!! I hope your weekend was a little less wacky!! You amaze me with your productivity!!

  5. did you get that all done? and to deal with all those poops as well (hopefully they weren't the teething kind?) as much as I miss parts about my 5 and soon to be 3 year old as wee ones, I am very happy to be finally out of diaper world.....and you have that times two!

  6. erika!!! i have been thinking about you and wanting to send something for your sweet one! for some reason, when i click on your name i can't go to your blog... please send me the link so i can visit!!! i even tried looking for you via mushroom meadows, but to no avail it didn't work!!!

    bethany- friday's productivity is one in a million!

    sam- ooo... what is teething poop? i don't even know that kind. the poop stories have just been getting worse with each day! i really can't wait to be out of the diaper world!

  7. Oh that is too bad that my link won't work for you! Well, here's the URL: I hope you can visit soon and see pics!


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