August 14, 2008

dress up and book making

I found this cute dress at the thrift store a few weeks ago and finally took it out for True to play dress up with...
She was pretty excited about the dress and frankly so was I. It is fun to have her little dress-up collection growing, which currently consists of 3 tutu's, 1 cape, and a few other goodies.

We also used a technique from the How to Make Books Book to make True a little book and we had so much fun coloring and drawing in it...

Except of course, a two-year old cannot stay within the page, so off she went onto the construction paper...

And grand news... Brave took more than 4 steps today!!!


  1. How cute is she? What a little sweetheart. I love the dress. Very sweet.

  2. Dress-up is always so much fun,she looks so pretty!

  3. so cute! Yay for book-making! How fun!

    And yay for little brave! four steps is a big feat with little feet! :)

  4. she looks so happy here! WHY WAS SHE CRYING ON MEMORYHUNTING?!

  5. hi :) michelle from Kids Haus here. I just spent a bunch of time on your blog and had so much fun reading about your little family and all of the cake balls you made for your friend's wedding. you've got gusto! i got your comment today and it's nice to meet you via blogs. i love your crowns and am now contemplating purchasing one for my little Clara's 2nd bday in 11 days. i admire your ability to sew! also congrats to Brave's 4 steps -- yay!! one foot in front of the other!

  6. i say put books on their heads. they will be teens before you know it. ohhhh NOOOOOOOOO us! send me a velvet cake lollipop! pretty please!

  7. Yeah Brave!!! I love that dress... I would put it on True for a real dress-- she's so cute! I love her artistic expression!


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