August 1, 2008

300 done

Of course, there must always be a few mess ups. But mess-ups are dangerous cause they tease and taunt me and then end up in my tummy...

Would you like one?
This afternoon, I will be off for the wedding rehearsal and dinner, where I will be taking all 300 hundred of the Red Velvet Cake Balls (I must say Bakerella is a genius) with me...

It will be so fun and so exciting. I love pre-wedding day excitements!!

Oh have a marvelous weekend everyone!!!


  1. they look sooo yummy but more important so totally sophisticated and romantic! perfect!!!

  2. these look so lovely, and i'm sure they taste even better than they look! great job. i'd like to learn how to make them...any tips besides what bakerella so generously shared?

  3. Mmmm... yummy! They look delish!

  4. hey there,
    those look yummy!!
    glad i found your blog. i will be back often!!

  5. ohhhh...sooo well done!!!
    really great and they seem very, very jummy... :o) livi

  6. Yeah!!! I hope you had a wonderful time and everyone was just so impressed with your creative cakes!!!

  7. this really is genius! i printed the recipe and i can't wait to make it. i don't have my stove no cooking. i'm glad to see you got it all completed!


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