July 3, 2008

seester time

My little-est seester came over so that we could go together to pick up her new sewing machine (and have a sleepover). Also, with the new sewing machine came a quick lesson and so now we are sewing machine twins...

The lesson of the day:
A new and funky sunglasses (or regular glasses) case.

It was inspired by the ever so lovely, Free People sunglasses case...
Thanks again to Free People for the never-ending, whimsical, and fun inspiration!!!

Now, I can't wait to make myself one!!!

Happy 4th everyone!!!


  1. I don't normally comment on random blogs... but I love your craftiness!! Love how colorful all of your creations are! If I had a little girl I would be all over these cakies!! But I have a boy... and here is the most random part. His name is Tru. Glad to know he isn't the only one out there! Such a great name!

  2. So cute! Do you think we'll see some in your etsy shop? ;)

  3. what type of sewing machine is this? do you recommend it for all types of sewing jobs?

  4. Thanks Meg! Your boy has a very cool name!

    Susan- I use a Janome Sew Precise, which I highly recommend! I am the queen of researching everything and this had good ratings and reviews (consumer reports is my bff). Ooo... are you gonna joy the crafting world?


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