July 21, 2008

coming up

This Saturday is the party for my little Brave's 1st birthday! I can't believe she is already one... she seems to be so much more baby-ish than True did and maybe cause True was already walking before she turned 1.

I couldn't decide on a "theme," so we decided to go with something similar to what we did for True. Hence, it is B is for Brave...

Now, I wanted her to wear blue (you know it starts with a B) and so I tried making this dress...
I wasn't feeling the first one I made (it isn't done, but I didn't like it) and this is what happens sometimes because frankly, I don't know how to follow patterns all too well. So I try to make my own and sometimes it is just a bust! Like this time... I really liked the fabric though cause it is a vintage, linen napkin and I added some white linen ruffles. Maybe I will figure out something to do with it.

Then, I took out this vintage reproduction fabric I had (it too is blue) and started cutting out my pattern for a dress...
But once it was all cut, I decided I didn't like it anymore! Well, at least not for her birthday dress. So then I moved on...

I started another and by this time it is already 10:30 PM, but thankfully a little past midnight, I had the makings of what I wanted... and finally it is finished! Now, my little Bravey has her birthday dress (and it is blue)!

Next on the list:
-Make birthday cookies
-Make a slideshow
-Go grocery shopping

Really I am blessed that my mom is doing a lot, mostly everything, cause she is really good at throwing parties... she makes everything grand!


  1. YAY happy almost birthday to bravery!!!!!!!

  2. boo that we can't make it...

  3. Happy upcoming Birthday to Bravey! It's gonna be a blast having a mommy like you :)

  4. Oh the first birthday party..so many smiles!! Can't wait to see this blue dress & the party photos too.

  5. Happy birthday baby Brave!!! :)

    The birthday card is definitely CUTE!!! :)

  6. your mom does throw some bomb diggity parties

  7. happy upcoming birthday from me, too!!!yes, you´re really working a lot ...but that´s because you´re are great mum...we can see it every time we look in your blog!!!
    bye,bye...love livi :o)

  8. should be a fun party! bummer that we can't make it either...already have 2 parites going on that same day and same time that we gotta juggle! happy b-day brave!

  9. Baby Brave will have a wonderful birthday party & I'm sure will look especially pretty in her new dress. Happy b-day little one.

  10. what a busy mum...my poor little one, when he turned one, we were busy unpacking our first day after moving to new york. I completely forgot about it, and ended up rushing to the store to grab a quick cake! I was thinking about your blog post as I tried to stay up late to sew....never quite made it as late as you :)

  11. I hope you do decide you like the first two! I love the fabrics. Good luck with all the party preparations!! They do grow up fast, don't they?!


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