June 29, 2008

good times

Together at the beach...

And decorating my new addition to our family room...
The family room is far from finished, as the wall above needs something with great presence, but seeing how I like old, odd things... this may take me awhile to find! The current coffee table is a little old farm table, but it is too small for this space, but it makes do for now... finding a large one that fits this space, may also take awhile. And well, my rusty old furniture just doesn't look the same on carpet... but slowly and surely, it is all taking shape.

Anyways... I do need some help though, as I like really vibrant, morrocan-ish looking pillows, but not too busy. Also, in particular, I want some white floor cushions, just like the large orange one pictured above, but in white or cream. Please if anyone has any ideas of where I can find some pillows similar to those pictured, please leave a comment. And I just want a few more other pillows, preferably in a bright pink, green, orange, and maybe yellow... any suggestions will help in my search for perfect pillows. Yes, I know... I probably could sew some, but I already did that seeing that some of the pillows pictured, I made from old grain sacks...

Here is an example of the style of floor cushion I am looking for, but I want it in white...
This is from World Market and I purchased the orange, I don't like the design, so I have the pillow facing the other way...

Though my search continues for more pillows (I also need 4 for the sofa that is near it), I do like how the family room is starting to take shape. I especially love our little, antique, French bed that we converted to a sofa and it makes a really comfortable seating space.

Well, a weekend at the beach and decorating at home, definitely makes for some good times... a lovely way to start another week!


  1. how funny! we did the same exact thing. painting/decorating the guest room yesterday and the beach today. what a wonderful weekend!

  2. What a fun post! I love your new decor!! You colors are so fresh and summery! Perfect for a summer full of fun!

  3. Wow! So far, it's looking really nice!

  4. I love how happy your color choices are and the idea of using the vintage bed for a seating area! Good luck on finding more! I'm no help with pillows... I would tell you to look at Amy Butler's patterns. She has some neat ones.

  5. Have you tried Pier 1 yet? They have an assortment of pillows.

  6. Yeah, I tried PIer 1. I got a couple of the white ones there, but they had non color i liked! boo... thanks anonymous!


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