May 30, 2008

The Very Hungry Caterpillar...

As told by Rubyellen Bratcher

There was a caterpillar and he was very hungry...

So he ate and ate lots of junk until he felt so sick and his tummy was so big...

So he balled himself into a cocoon...

After some time of ingestion, "Voila!" the very hungry caterpillar became a beautiful butterfly...
Then end.

A friend needed puppets for the story The Very Hungry Caterpillar because he was going to do a puppet show retelling the story in another language. I am honored that he enlisted my help and it was a lot of fun to make! 
I wish him well on his final project, but I am sure his rendition of the story will be magnificent!


  1. so cute, ruby! ah, that book has always been a favorite!

  2. Wow very good work! I am impressed!

  3. Love it!!! Such cute little critters that look exactly like the book's characters! :)

  4. Great work. I always love doing stuff like that too.

  5. ummm.....who's the better sewer? I would have no idea how to even start that!

  6. ummm.....who's the better sewer? I would have no idea how to even start that!

  7. I read this post with my daughter on my knee. She now wants me to 'knit' her a very hungry caterpillar because it is one of her favourite books! Jen

  8. you are so awesome. your craftiness is truly a blessing from God and i'm so thankful that i've gotten to feel the benefits! thank you sooo much this is so much more than what i could have imagined!!!!

  9. Oh that (the puppets) is so cute! Can I buy them??

  10. thanks everyone! this was fun... and i have never made a puppet before, so it was interesting... and the books is darn cute and the illustrations are terrific, so it helped a lot!

    Sam- um... you will surpass me very soon... you are already a pro!

    Jen- I want to see a knit version!

    Sheri- Really?

    goodnight everyone!

  11. Yes, yes, really!
    I want a set just for my girls. They love the story!

    If there are no copyright issues I may order a few (maybe 3 sets?) to sell on my online shop before we close it down (Cath & I are still thinking and praying abt it as we can't cope--me with coming 3rd kid and she with her heavy workload).

  12. Oh, very, very cute!!! I'm sure the students will LOVE it!!

  13. You are genius! How wonderful to have what appears to be the whole cast of the book,well done!

  14. AWESOME! kinders would LOVE that. can i borrow it?!

  15. That's very impressive! I love it!!

  16. ...i had this book too...and i loved it sooo much!!!
    big compliment for your creacions!!! :o) livi

  17. You are brilliant! I love the puppet. I'm sure it was a big hit!

  18. ruby!
    Come on...being a Kindergarten teacher...I NEED one too!
    Did you make all the food too?
    Please let me know what you would charge!


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