May 2, 2008

Something for Brave...

Today, True and I decided we needed to make Brave more dollies because she just has Hildy, which she absolutely loves, but we want her to have a crib filled with them!

We cut out our fabric...

As I sewed, True helped turn them inside out...

Using the best sewing tool ever... a chopstick!

Finally, a special bunny just for Brave (I tried to teach True how to sew the eye with a blunt needle, but she has no patience yet)...

Now, if you really want some really funky, but sweet looking dollies, check out our favorite dolly maker...

Have a happy weekend!


  1. What a sweet bunny!!!! You are the craftiest mama. I'm a wanna-be. ;)

  2. Erika... you are quite crafty yourself, what are you talking about?!!

  3. So cute! You are really amazing with all the talent God has given you!

  4. What I mean, is you come up with original ideas! I love 'em. I wish my mind worked like that. :)

  5. Makes me want to attempt a homemade doll for my little one

  6. thanks for your loveley comment!!!
    i´m really happy...
    i must say it again...i love your way to see!!!!
    good night...livi!!!

  7. too sweet!! what a great little helper you have!

  8. Very cute Ruby!!! Just be patient with the sewing... she'll surprise you one day! Does she have sewing cards? I think my daughter learned to sew a button on in preschool (4-5 yrs. old) and I was amazed!

  9. That is one very cute bunny! I love seeing how you worked together, mama and little one. I love doing that too!


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