May 6, 2008

Little hands...

My True and her little hands were working on a new project...
Time will fly and I will look at this picture and remember my True's little hands and her wrinkly, scaly thumb from all her thumb sucking... I will miss these little hands so much!


  1. You're so right! But they're just as precious as they grow too! We made cement stepping stones for our flower beds with my kids handprints in them, to remember how little they were! Gosh I miss them being toddlers!!

  2. I've got a thumbsucker too (except she's 9!) Your post reminds me of this Shel Silverstein poem:

    The Thumb-Sucker's Thumb

    Oh, the thumb-sucker’s thumb
    May look wrinkled and wet
    And withered, and white as the snow.
    But the taste of a thumb
    is the sweetest taste yet
    (as only we thumb suckers know!)

  3. ohh yes !!! you´re so right!!!
    very often i think the same thing!´s sooo important!!!good night!!! livi :o)

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog. This brought back a lovely memory for me. When my daughter was in kindergarten she made for me a mold of her hand out of plaster of paris. It came with a little poem that read...Here is my hand so tiny and small to place somewhere upon your wall, so you can see how we grow, my hand and me.
    I still have it even after all these years.

  5. A great picture! I have a framed handprint of my daughter that my sitter gave me. I keep it in my family room, and need to get one from my son right next to it. They grow so fast!


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