May 28, 2008

Gone to NY...

Okay, not me... but Cakies!

Cakies can now be found at Born Lucky's brick & mortar store in NY. Also, soon Cakies can be found on their online shop!

Born Lucky has the perfect stylish duds for your lucky little one... come on now, every kid is Born Lucky!

Shop Born Lucky...

*A few more Cakies stockists will be listed soon, so stay tuned!


  1. Congratulations Ruby! It looks like a cool store!

  2. ah to be lucky =) I went & had a peek at the online store. Your cakies are so much cuter than the felt flowers on the site!
    I am so exctited for you!!!!

  3. wow....that looks like such a great store. That's really great, congratulations!

  4. yay!!! this sounds like great news! :)

  5. Yes! This store is very cool and I am honored to be sold at their brick and mortar shop! I have always wanted to go to NY... too bad, I can't just hop in the package and get their myself!


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