May 11, 2008

And who could forget...

The best Mommy Day card ever...

My Ben will never admit his talent in drawing and painting, but he is really talented he would just say these were stick figures... yeah right!.

Geez... I really love Benny and my babycakies!!!


  1. Amazing card! :) It's so cute... you even had a live kid pop out of there :P Your Mommy's Day sounded fun! Makes me crave for sushi now!!

  2. Love that card--those kind are always the best.

  3. You have to hold onto that man VERY tightly!!! He is definately a keeper! This is a wonderful, thoughtful and fun thing to have done. You are a very lucky woman - Jen

  4. Oh my gosh- that is the sweetest thing ever! Cherished forever I'm sure.

  5. That card is amazingly fantastic! What a lucky girl you are!


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