March 20, 2008

New adventures and exciting news...

Check out Sekund the new online magazine by editor and publisher Liz Sorensen of the famed Daily Stroll.

I love Daily Stroll and am sad to see it end, but am also very excited to see this new magazine. Liz is always ahead of the game and knows there is a greater need for those who are looking for some advice for the "second time around..."

And as I have popped out 2 in 2 years, I know this new e-zine was made just for me!

Sekund still features hip product reviews, but it also has some great articles.

I feel especially honored to be a contributor in this first issue, as you can check out the little "project" that I was working on...

Want to learn about "memory hunting" (or just see my lovely little girls) and other great things?!! Visit Sekund...


  1. Wow! Congrats on your article! I will be checking it out here when I have more free time! Thanks for telling us about it!

  2. Okay, that said "Ryan" but it was from me, Erika, just so you know!

  3. Erika! That is funny... I thought Ryan was my brother commenting. His name is Ryan. I was like, "Wow! My brother reads my Cakies..." haha!

  4. That is funny! Well, he should read your blog! :) I know I have to remind my brother sometimes to read mine!

  5. Yay on being one of the first contributors! :D

  6. It was exciting for our family! Thanks for the wishes.


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