February 25, 2008

Tea and a fellow Etisian...

Make for a lovely combination.

It was divine intervention by someone beyond me, that led to me clicking on a listing that was on the homepage for etsy. I clicked on a tutu and fell in love with it that I had to order one for True. Little did I know, that what I was really getting was a new friend! I am so excited because not only does True get the cutest tutu around, but I get a new friend and Etisian buddy!

So please support another fellow Etisian and her so sassy and funky tutus and check out Bellasymphony.etsy.com. Every girl has to have one of these...

I want one in every color!


  1. wow!!! i LOVE tutus!!!! those are so cute. what color does true have? have her wear it to church on sunday! HAHA

  2. thank you for suggesting to meet up! I am excited to have you as my friend, and new little frineds for Bella and Symphony!

    Thank you for promoting me too, you're really sweet!

  3. Hey there! I love The Coffee Bean. :) They are everywhere in S'pore. The mocha ice blended is the best! (But i can't have it too often yet cos I'm still nursing.)

  4. Sheri... I know the feeling! I like a glass of wine every now and then, but having two kids back to back has not allowed me to have a glass with my dinner in years!

  5. Wow tutus! I've been looking around forever for Key but as you know me, no purchase yet :( I will HAVE to get one for Key soon though, or make one-- if ever I endeavor.



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