October 31, 2007

Bratcher Fairytale...

Once upon a time, there lived a girl who lived near the woods. Everytime she went out, she put on her red cloak. Therefore, everyone in the city of Walnut called her Little Red Riding Hood...

One Halloween morning, Little Red Riding Hood asked her mother if she could visit her grandmother, who lived at the end of the woods. Her mother thought that was a great idea and sent her on her way with a basket of goodies...

Of course, Little Red Riding Hood always gets distracted and found little, wonderful things to put in her basket that she didn't notice the little creature lurking behind her...

Suddenly, Little Red Riding Hood found her self face to face with the Big Bad, I mean, "Brave" Wolf. The wolf said, "Little girl, where are you going?" Little Red Riding Hood replied, "I am on my way to visit my grandmother, who lives at the end of the woods."

Then they parted ways, but little did Little Red Riding Hood know that the wolf was still keeping an eye on her and was planning to take a shortcut to her grandmother's house...

Little Red Riding Hood was having so much fun in the woods that she didn't realize how late it was, so she hurried as fast as she could to get to her grandmother's house...
At last Little Red Riding Hood made it to her grandmother's house and she knocked on the door. Then, she heard a soft, scratchy voice say, "Come in..."

When Little Red Riding hood went in, she could barely recognize her grandmother...

So Little Red Riding Hood knelt besides her grandmother and asked if she felt alright. The Big Brave Wolf disguised as her grandmother replied, "I just have a cold, my dear." Little Red Riding said, "Oh grandmother, I brought lots of goodies that will hopefully make you feel better." The Big Brave Wolf replied, "You are all I need, my dear."

Then, Little Red Riding looked closely and said, "My grandmother, what big eyes you have!!!" The Big Brave Wolf replied, "The better to see you with, my dear."
Little Red Riding Hood, didn't notice the wolf's tail peeking out from under the cover. So innocently, Little Red Riding Hood thought that her grandmother might feel better if she laid down next to her...

Then Little Red Riding Hood said, "My grandmother, what big teeth, I mean gums, you have!!!"

Then the Big Brave Wolf replied, "The better to eat you with!!!" All of a sudden, Little Red Riding Hood realized it was the Big Brave Wolf in disguise and quickly got out of bed and ran out of her grandmother's house...
Little Red Riding Hood decided to hide in the woods and watch her grandmother's house from afar. She waited until she saw the Big Brave Wolf leave the house...
Once the wolf left, Little Red Riding Hood went looking all over the house for her grandmother. She couldn't find her. Then, she looked on the fridge and saw a note. It read...

"Dear Little Red Riding Hood, your mother called me on my cellphone and told me you were coming. So, I went to the closest market to get some soy milk and whole wheat flour, so that we can bake some healthy cookies together. Will be back soon. Love, Grandmother."

Little Red Riding felt relief knowing her grandmother was not harmed and that the wolf was out of the house. She immediately thanked the Lord for the trial and for keeping her and her grandmother safe. So Little Red Riding Hood made herself comfortable in her grandmother's house and waited for her to come home...


Happy Halloween!!!


  1. um... this is the cutest, most adorable thing i have ever seen. not even kidding, i had tears and chills all at the same time! you are so creative, all 3 of you!

  2. This was such a great idea! Your kids are so cute. I love your hair clips too. Are you going to have more for sale on Etsy soon? They would look cute on my little girl (6 months).

    P.S. I found your blog on because i said so! in case you were wondering :-)

  3. Oh my gosh! This is so stinkin' cute!! I just love those costumes and pictures! Very creative.

  4. this is sooooo adorable!!!! you did great with the whole story!!! i love it. yes our girls could match!!!

  5. OH MY GOSH!!!!! That is the CUTEST, most BRILLIANT THING i have ever seen!!! The picture of the wolf peeking around the tree just kills me!!!

  6. This has got to be the most adorable thing I have seen today! I will assume you made the red cape...where did you get the pattern?

  7. Just found your courtesy of The Black Apple...I am sooo in love with the photos...just adorable!

  8. Oh Ruby, I DO hope you made a real book out of this for your girls to keep! It is so adorable!!!!! I sewed a red cape for my daughter to be Red Riding Hood two years ago too and she looks like True as a 9 yr. old! I'll have to find that photo and send it to you!

  9. squishycutestuff- yes, i made the cape... i am horrible at following patterns, so I winged the whole outift. Thank goodness it turned out alright and made for a good evening.

  10. Rubyellen, it is just the cutest thing. You did a good job :-) Good idea too *filing away for future Halloween reference*... thanks for looking at my blog! ♥Randi

  11. Ha, ha, that is so hilarious, I love it!

  12. Brilliant and utterly adorable!

  13. Have you considered selling this costume or are you keeping it for sentimental reasons? I am trying to make this for my daughter for next year (I know I'm way ahead of time!) but thought I'd see if you were willing to part from it. All your things are so beautiful and inspiring!

  14. Your girls are too adorable! Love, love, love their costumes!!! I can't wait to see more!

  15. Your girls are too adorable! Love, love, love their costumes!!! I can't wait to see more!

  16. Oh Ruby! This has to be my favorite blog you've posted up... Too cute, Too funny, Too adorable... I love it!

  17. This made me laugh and is so cute, I can't take it!!

    Hubby and I have 3 girls and a boy. (6, 4, 2, and 1)! The boy is number 3! I just recently found your blog and and loving it! Keep it coming!


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