August 26, 2007

Cakies for sale

My hair clippies, which are called Cakies, can be found at local baby boutique Lola Baby. This is one of mine and True's favorite stores to shop at...My Picklebottom and True's Trumpettes & Harajuku shirt all come from this lovely shop. Check it out!!!

Cakies clippies are handstitched and come in an assortment of colors and styles. They are easy to put in and take out and you don't have to worry about them tugging on baby's fine hair!!!

What can I say...I love Picklebottom!!!

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  1. dear rubyellen,
    i have thoroughly enjoyed reading every single one of your blogs. i was even more excited when i found out that we are sisters through Christ. hooray for more family!
    i think your children are precious and adorable and i love reading about your lovely family. (especially the mustache outing for ..ben's birthday was it? LOVE IT.)
    anyway, i just wanted to tell you that i hope you start manufacturing your crowns as they are pure perfection. do you take custom orders on them? i was just telling my sort of boyfriend that i want one for every season, and maybe a complete days of the week set. i want to make sure i can wear them as much as possible. (and i'm twenty two! who says you need to grow up?) i also wonder if you could ever make a river otter crown. (they're my favorite.)

    okay, sorry for rambling so much. i just wanted to tell you that i think you're amazing and now you've officially put a fire in my heart to be more crafty. it'll be tricky as i have no idea how to sew or do much of anything that doesn't use photoshop, or involve making teddy roosevelt out of a brown paper sack. (see here: )
    do you have any beginner's tips, books to suggest, or anything i could use for making things?

    never stop writing, i enjoy your entries far too much.

    all the love that Christ put in my heart,



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