April 9, 2012


easter sundayeaster sundayeaster sunday
easter sunday
easter sundayeaster sundayeaster sunday
Morning was spent gathered with our church family and being reminded of Christ's work he did on our behalf on the cross. The afternoon was spent lounging around and feasting with Ben's family and our evening was spent feasting some more with my family and some friends. I for sure ate way too much. I definitely did not practice moderation and was wishing I was wearing a muumuu instead of my colored skinnies. I think my top pant button was busting at the seams and I was really try my best to suck my tummy in. It was really a beautiful Easter Sunday and we all came home exhausted, but joyful. Well, except maybe for True whose tiredness really made her the crankmonster. Never fails to have at least one screaming their head off from tiredness.

Hope your Sunday was just as wonderful!


  1. i was so glad i chose a stretchy waisted skirt. ;)

  2. sounds like a wonderful Easter with your family...we too had a day like yours. Have agreat week..Mica @ The Child's Paper

  3. You're children are adorable! I have one in my bunch too, the crankmonster, as you call it.

    Vang :)

  4. so lovely! Glow is so big!

  5. That cranky photo is so funny!
    Are the cool photos only instagram or are you using your new Photoshop skills too?

    1. writing is photoshopped, but the pictures are all instagram!

  6. beautiful photos. How do you get that blurred affect?

  7. Beautiful family celebration! Girls are beautiful as always, even when crying!!

  8. Love your blog, would like to follow you on instagram too.
    What's your name there sweetie? Mine is secretsofabutterfly
    Love kat


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