November 2, 2011


True's bird
True came home from school (she goes one day a week, but is homeschooled the other four days) with this sweet little bird. I love kid art! They always come up with the best things. I need to start plotting more art projects for the kids to do at home.

Homeschooling is going well and we manage to do some bit of school everyday even though our schedule revolves around Glow. True and Brave have gotten so much better at reading, well, actually now they can read. We have been working on phonics and word families and it is pretty amazing. The hardest part is being patient with them. I must remember they aren't pros yet, but thinking back to when we first started, they have come a long way. Who knows?! Maybe once they get the hang of this writing thing, they will be writing their own blog posts just like this little cutie! We have got a lot more practice to do before that ever happens!

Speaking of writing, the love story will continue when Ben has time to write his part and I am almost done writing my birth story. I might be a little slower getting these stories written down, but they will come sometime soon. Promise.



    cutest. bird. ever.

  2. I kids art. your girl looks so cute on her way to school!

    Hugs from sweden

  3. Nerver enough kid art in our home! I even have a box of old stuff I made as a kid. I am encouraged to hear your tales of homeschooling your little girls! I was home schooled from first grade on and am now considering it for my kids. I think I can, I think I can....

  4. Have you heard of the company that turns children's drawings into stuffed animals? You are so crafty, I am certain you could do it on your own, it would be the perfect Christmas gift to your children.

  5. what phonics program do you use?

  6. kid art is the absolute best!!!

  7. hehe I Remember Making things like that when i was Young. had Great Fun :D x

  8. Sweet bird. How exciting that they can read! I was also wondering what curriculum or programs you are using with the girls?


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