September 7, 2011


Today, I had a nice little brunch with Danni and Lillian sans the girls (Ben was the lucky guy who did homeschooling with them today). When I came home, Brave immediately introduced me to her new pet Strawberry. She had gathered this tiny sprig of flowers from the garden yesterday, requested a teeny vase, and now she had put a pet on top of it. It was quite a heart melting little sentiment despite the fact that bugs kinda creep me out.
her new pet strawberryher new pet strawberryher new pet strawberry
Brave carries this teeny vase around keeping her flowers and Strawberry near, but she won't ever touch Strawberry herself and Ben has to do it all the touching. Strawberry did get moved from her sight a bit during lunch because Strawberry started moving, which freaked out Soul causing her to go ballistic, so we had to move Strawberry away. It seems that Strawberry just likes to chill out on top a sprig of chives, which is the herb these flowers came from.

Nice to meet you Strawberry...


  1. Oh, I was ready to come and give a big Congratulations upon hearing Strawberry had arrived into the world : )

    Hello, Strawberry the beatle, you are a cutie!

  2. LOL Strawberry looks more like a Blueberry! That is too cute that she has a pet beetle...and you are a great Mama for ALLOWING her to keep that pet beetle in the house!! ;)

  3. aww, i wanna meet and carry strawberry! love!!

  4. strawberry is stunning. how do you get her to sit so still? soul is just precious.


  5. Aww, how cute! :) You have little adventures at home everyday with your three girls, I love it!

    SO great seeing you at brunch today!! Sending out little prayers for the next little cakies! :) So excited for you! :)

  6. Brave lives up to her name. :)

  7. seeing Strawberry on top of the herbs, reminded me of Horton and the Whos on top of the clover :)
    (has she read/seen Horton Hears a Who recently? my kids love any Dr Seuss)

    too cute.


  8. That bug is HUGE, wow. I'm not surprised Brave is scared to touch him.

    And what fantastic colours.

    I wish we had bugs like that here! I did a bug printing project in school last year and strawberry would have been perfect, the pupils would adore a bug like that.

  9. I've never seen a beetle looking this pretty before. it is very lovely.

  10. For a moment I thought Strawberry was the new baby's name!

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  12. HA add me to the list -- thought Strawberry was the new baby, too!

    For as creepy as that bug is, your photos are beautiful :-)

  13. well where i live we don't have strawberry type bugs.. so surprisingly even though ew its a bug its actually has great colors.

    and kids are awesome because such little things are amazing - especially nature (including bugs)

  14. Brave is truly adorable!!

    I am afraid of certain types of bugs.

    Is good to let her experience and enjoy mother nature even if she doesn't dare to touch it.

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  16. ohmygoodness, brave and my little pia would get along so well! that is something that pia would do.


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