July 5, 2011

vintage here, vintage there: red, white, and blue (and pink)

vh, vt
Despite our staying in on the fourth, we did get dressed up and festive the day before. We went to church and was out and about in L.A. visiting some vintage shops looking for some vintage work shirts for Ben. He came away with three decent finds and I came home with three vintage kid dresses. Someone please stop me, I seriously can't resist these one of a kind finds. That makes it the hardest reason to say no because when it comes to vintage, more than likely you will never see another one like it. That is a dangerous thing!

Rachel had a fun mural in her previous "VH, VT", so this time it was our turn. I was originally looking for a plain colored wall, but how could I resist this candy pink one and little boy?! Soul and Brave are wearing red, but I think the pink really reflects so much and makes their little frocks look more pink than red.
vh, vt: red, white, and blue
We discovered this weekend that piggy tails look really cute on Soul. She has such long hair! It looks pretty full and wavy now, but right when she comes out of the shower she has this head full of ringlets. Her sleeping on them flattens everything out, but this girl is going to have to learn to deal with curly hair as she gets older. Everyone thinks she gets her hair from Ben because he appears to have a wave in his hair, but actually his textured hair is due to hair product and her curly-wavy hair comes from me. Though my hair is currently way too long and all my curls and waves just get weighted down and look flat, but I am the one with wavy-curly hair.
vh, vt: red, white, and bluevh, vt: red, white, and blue
Somehow these pictures make True magically look so much older. I am not sure I am liking that. Can't they all stay babies forever?! Okay, maybe not exactly babies because I like them potty trained, but I definitely like them little. True is still a little shorty, but she is so long and lean. Reminds me of when I was a little girl going through my string bean days (though I was always the shortest in my class).

True was really enjoying taking these pictures on this wall, I think it has to do with the pink. That is her favorite color after all!
vh, vt: red, white, and bluevh, vt: red, white, and bluevh, vt: red, white, and blue
On the way to church, Ben tells me that True came downstairs as I was getting ready upstairs and told him, "Mommy, keeps changing her clothes. She changed too many times!" Oh that little tattle tail...

I do have a pile of clothes on the floor of my closet because I couldn't decide what to wear. Everything is too short, too tight, or just doesn't feel right. Thus this week, my own vintage wearing is minimal and kept to just the shoes on my feet. 10 weeks left until I am semi-normal...
vh, vt: red, white, and bluevh, vt: red, white, and blue
on me: dress, anthropologie (worn for this photo shoot). vest, anthropologie. shoes, vintage.
on true: dress, vintage. shoes, salt-water sandals c/o Tea Collection.
on brave: dress, vintage. shorts, misha lulu. shoes, salt-waters (hand me downs).
on soul: dress, vintage. shoes, freshly picked.

Just in case you think my girls are always happy to be taking pictures, they aren't. Taking pictures with kids is really hard, you have to get the timing just right with them being rested and fed, and even then, they will only last a few seconds. So, just to show you we are still really so normal and that it takes a million snaps of the camera to get decent pictures, here are some outtakes of my kids being kids and me trying to be composed and not frustrated.
vh, vt: red, white, and blue
vh, vt: red, white, and blue
Soulie was pretty whiny towards the end of the picture taking fest and Brave was cranky in the beginning. Ben and I were cringing when all Soul wanted to do was sit on the nasty concrete (gum-filled) floor. We are definitely real folks!

The fourth of July maybe over, but wearing red, white, and blue can definitely be donned anytime of the year! Trust me, the girls' closets are pretty much comprised of those colors. In fact, the vintage dresses I came home with this day were red, white, and blue!

Other red, white, and blue pretties for little ones: baby romper, polkadot dress, baby boy blue, floral cowgirl, sailboat boy, and knit sailor.

Rachel and her little gang wore their own red, white, and blue for their Independence Day celebrations and it really looked like they had fun celebrating! Check back later to see what they wore "over there" and her vintage picks and finds for the week. I almost always add something she recommends (or wears) to my favorites list and that is another dangerous thing! Thanks Rachel!!!


  1. Hmmmm...was it the pink wall or the BOY on the wall you were drawn to.....hmmm mm.....

  2. ahhh! glad to see that i'm not the only mom who struggles to get her girls to pose for photos!

    i usually have to bribe my girls to get them to pose for me! LOL

    you girls look great as usual!!

  3. i cannot believe how big your girls are all getting! they all look so precious - and you are looking amazing, ruby!!

  4. I wish my girls could stay little too. I love sewing little clothes. It's so much easier and less fabric. I feel the same way, I will miss my girls being little.

    You little ladies all look great!

  5. Hello from norway.
    You are just perfect to dress up you and the kids. Beautiful all together.:))

  6. these phodies are just too cute for words!!! wow, works so well with the pink wall!!!! ^_^ x

  7. your belly is getting pretty big!
    I always enjoy your "vintage here, vintage there" posts, even if it means risking grumpy kids :)

  8. Ruby I just love how real you are on your blog!! thanks for including the outtakes :) very enjoyable. your girls are so precious!

  9. so cute as always!! that is an awesome back ground!! kinda looks my son!

  10. In the first 2 pictures, I totally had that thought about true looking so much older even before you said it.. But she's still so little! I wish they'd stay little forever, they are so cute!

  11. I've got to say that my favorite photo of all is the one on the very bottom right. Your middle daughter's expression is priceless! And their little dresses are indeed adorable.

  12. i love all your vintage finds! your girls are all so sweet!

  13. You all look adorable. I especially love your dress.

  14. Thanks for struggling with these beautiful photos.
    Your daughter's will cherish them some day.
    You can still buy them vintage items and take pics when they grow up...I still do and mine are 11 and 14.
    Thanks for the love on the swiss dot dress.

  15. Haha, I love those last two pictures! What sweeties. :) And that dress is just awesome on you- perfect colors.


    (thanks for linking my cowgirl shirt, too, btw!)

  16. You are 4 lovely and pretty girls! Always a joy to read your stories!!


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