February 8, 2011

polaroid tuesday: week six

week six
Lunch time.


  1. I love these Polaroid shots! I need one of those cameras. I got one for my 10th birthday (almost 27 years ago), then took it on a family trip. Airlines lost the suitcase and I have never gotten another! So sad!

  2. I can hear Brave in about 10 years saying, "Ah Mom... what was that face I was making?!!!" Love this photo... you will especially love it when they're big and will miss those days (I do!!!).

  3. Thought I would give your blog an award. Not that it needs it, because your blog is way worth giving an award already, but I thought it would be special from me to you. Check it out at my blog!

  4. love the look and feel of all of your polaroids...

  5. where do you get your film? the only film i am finding for my Polaroid is in the $100 range. HELP! :)


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