January 21, 2011

pancakes for breakfast

Every morning we all eat pretty much the same thing. The kids get O's and soy milk, Ben eats oatmeal loaded with fruit, and me, oatmeal with chocolate milk. We stick to some basic and simple things, and try to stay away from sugary cereals for healthy reasons and cost (those sugary cereals, though yummy are expensive). Though on days when I want to break from the monotony, I keep a box of Trader Joe's buttermilk pancakes mix accessible and ready. It is the best cause it is delicious, easy, and lacks hydrogenated oils compared to other buttermilk ready mixes. The girls get especially excited when they see me whip it out, thus today was the day to do just that!
pancakes for breakfastpancakes for breakfastpancakes for breakfast
Don't let the gloomy faces above fool you. They really were excited, but maybe they were just busy devouring their pancakes! I devoured in a couple myself!

Today, no cleaning was done, so my house doesn't look any better, but I did get out and have lunch with some girlfriends. That was the first time we all got out of our pj's since Tuesday! We have been enjoying being lazy all week long!

Here's to hoping I have a more productive weekend!

p.s. today is hugging day!


  1. ummm...oatmeal with chocolate milk??
    you are a genius!

  2. i second sara's comment. oatmeal with chocolate milk sounds delicious!

  3. I had pancakes this morning! Buttermilk with boysenberry syrup. :)

  4. oooh!! i like it!!!
    lovely day!!

  5. I'll have to pick some up! We've just discovered a yummy from scratch pancake recipe (oatmeal pancakes via smitten kitchen) & my girls, picky that they are, can't get enough. It helps we put chocolate chips in them =) It makes life so much easier to have a set breakfast menu especially if you're girls get up as early as mine & you're still half asleep!

  6. I think Soulie's doing it right! Forget the knife and fork and let's just dig in...!

    Thanks for the tip about the Trader Joe's buttermilk pancakes. I actually really love pancakes, but can never eat them because they tend to weigh me down after (and make me sleepy)... Maybe I'll have different results with the Trader Joe's brand - it's worth a shot!

  7. even with there faces they still are so adorable. woo-hoo for TJ love that market!

  8. Pancakes are a wonderful thing, there are so many ways you can make them. My boyfriend makes... AMAZING sourdough pancakes, I swear they are fluffier and softer than any other pancake I had ate in my whole life.

    -Much Love, Mr. Gnome

  9. your girls are adorable. and that tablecloth - just lovely!

  10. looks yummy, and so does your dotted tablecloth.

  11. I missed hugging day!!!! I totally agree with you about store bought cereals. They don't even fill you up anyways. I bake granola every other week... in fact, there's some in the oven right now! ;)

  12. I love their sleepy little faces! And I am definitely going to try out oatmeal with chocolate milk, mmm! I eat oatmeal every morning. Love it!


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