November 13, 2010

:: sponsor welcome ::

Please welcome my newest sponsor... owl vintage.
owl vintage
Owl Vintage is a shop full of eclectic, wonderful, vintage findings. That is also the lovely shop where I got my vintage carpet bag. Here you can find a plethora of victoria era beauties, such as this amazing purse, lots of vintage jewelry, my favorite being this pair of earrings. There are a host of other lovely items such as these moccasins and even this little collar. Take a gander at this curious shop and tell me if there is anything that you might add to a wishlist! Thank you so much Owl Vintage!

owl vintage shop...


  1. i pick this!

    it is just so pretty!


  2. I love the earings and collar! really nice things :)

  3. Such adorable goodies. I am currently living in London and love that I get to shop a Cath Kidston. I love all the vinatge inspired prints they carry. Right now they have this adorable bag of course I prefer buying vintage but this is so lovely I don't think I mind that it's new.

  4. I think wearing this...

    Would make me feel like Karana from Island of the Blue Dolphins. :)


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