October 1, 2010

season ending

It went quiet here suddenly, didn't it? That's what happens when the middle child gets sick, then passes it onto the baby and her older sister, which then trickles down to mom and papi. Thankfully, things are all well now.

I was watering the plants tonight and realized that tomato season is slowly coming to an end in our backyard. We are enjoying the last bits that are still coming, but with the new season comes plans for a new harvest. We will be readying the ground in a week or so, which is always a lot of fun (well, Ben does most of the work).
pink accordion tomatoespink accordion tomatoes
These tomatoes are called pink accordions and are by far the prettiest ones we have had. They just look so cool!

Enjoy your weekend friends! We have some great plans ahead...

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  1. Beautiful tomatoes! One season is ending but there will be many more to come I am sure.

  2. never heard of these but they are beautiful.

    hope you and your family have a lovely weekend!!!

  3. love those!!! i've never seen them before. isn't it fun that there are still tomatoes to be picked?!

  4. beautiful tomatoes!!! what veggies do you usually plant in our cali winter?

  5. Ooh, they're quite autumnal because they look like little red pumpkins!

  6. beautiful! I just remembered I never posted my tomato photos... Oxheart. I miss them already!!

  7. those are beautiful!! i bet they are so tasty. so sad that tomato season is coming to a close! :(


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