August 23, 2010


You know how much we love them and now you can make your own all the time. Visit La PhotoCabine now.
we love photobooths
{taken from my sister's blog using la photocabine}

photo booth pics from danni's wedding shower
{first two rows: true and brave; third row: the girls with auntie linda; last row: me and my girls}

The wedding shower we went to over the weekend was marvelous. Um... unlimited photobooth, dessert truck, and taco man is just G-R-E-A-T!!!

Hope your weekend was just as fabulous!!!

p.s. Glad you all like the video! We love watching it cause True dancing is such a riot! Beware you may get more... we are addicted to our Zumi. And my sister made a really good video with her Zumi too!


  1. I love love your blog!
    And thanks for sharing that photobooth site!

  2. LOVE photocabine, saw it on your sister's blog.

    had so much fun with you guys -- your girls are the best + cutest photo booth picture takers ever! :)

  3. so much fun..Ruby, you are one pretty lady, very photogenic.

  4. Fun, fun, fun! Thanks for another great link :)

  5. I didn't comment on the last post yet but wanted to say how I,too loved True's dance perfomance...too cute! I bought the Zumi a few months ago and love it but the battery keeps dying out on you have that problem,too? I took pictures during our big snow storm and it was so amazing...I love how the video looks.I had taken it to DC with me only to find my battery had died...ugh! Thanks for sharing la youngest daughter and I were playing around with it last fun! :)

  6. renee- got these rechargeable batteries and work well cause when it dies, just switch it out... so i always have them on hand!

    and the charger:

    hope this helps!

    i got it after reading some reviews on the zumi battery and use, so this solved the problem for most people!

  7. love photocabine! it's the perfect photobooth to do at home!! i'm going to a wedding this weekend that will have a photobooth, i need to come up with some clever poses!

  8. Oh how fun! I saved this post up so I could look at it from my computer instead of from my phone. I like how their site is 3D. Trippy! :)


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