August 12, 2010

off for the weekend

just rosy
{the flowers I used for my best friend's wedding, which was another busy time of my life}

Hello friends! I am bidding you a good weekend early. I am knee deep in the busyness of life right now and will be breathing much easier Monday morning after my mom's party and when I am finish with a little project that I am part of. I am sure there a lot of other wonderful places on the internet that will keep you busy in the meantime. For some eye candy pleasure, be sure to check out Danni from Oh, hello friend's engagement pictures (here and here) or read the smile lists from my sister. If you have any fave sites to visit with pretty eye candy, leave the links here to share with other readers... thanky!

Have a happy weekend friends! Promise to be back with a fun post on Monday (and maybe a giveaway this weekend)...



  1. what lovely flowers! i love ranunculus - we used them in our wedding! have a fantastic time celebrating your mom this weekend! and try not to stress!

  2. thanks for the recommended sites for pics! have fun this weekend!


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