July 27, 2010

polaroid tuesday: catch up week

week twenty-six:
week twenty-six
Our little companion in Sonoma.

week twenty-seven:
week twenty-seven
First batch of tomatoes.

week twenty-eight:
week twenty-eight
We love tomatoes and apparently, tomatoes love us.


  1. always so presh. love the heart-tomato. :)

  2. aw tomatoes do love you cause you grow them so well. love those daisy windmills. your kids are going to have so many fun pics to look back on!

  3. haha... you are alive!! :) i love all these polaroid pics. soulie looks so, so big! and how cute is that heart-shaped tomato?

  4. Love the pics! Soul is growing so fast! You really ought to put your blog into a book... I'd love to buy it. :) And I really love your heart tomato. :)

  5. heart-shaped tomatoes... so perfect!

  6. Love these, and especially love the heart tomato!

  7. Tomatoes are yummy.♡ I really love the "Early Girl" Tomatoes. I've been eating them with eggs on toast with sauteed onions.

    come by again soon.



  8. I love all your polaroids. It's my birthday today, and I requested a Fujifilm Instax from my husband. Not the same, but I love the size and graininess of the pictures it takes. I cannot wait to get it and use it! Have you heard of those?

  9. We ALL love you!!! Your tomatoes look yummy and so do those cute cheeks!!

  10. aww she is too cute!

    BTW, I love seeing all of the yummy veggies produced by your garden. It is so inspiring to see someone work so hard...and even more so when we get to see the fruits of your labor! :)

  11. love the polaroids! and the tomatoes look pretty :)

  12. your tomatos are beautiful! i have enjoyed watching your cute garden grow.


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