April 19, 2010

hello monday

Dear Monday,

I can't believe you are here already. I (and my girls) don't like you so much because that means Ben has to go back to work and we like him home all the time, so the weekends are our favorite. We want to be with Ben (Papi) all day, everyday. We want to be with him to eat yummy dinners, spend time in the garden, and just to cuddle all day long. So please Monday hurry up and let's get on to Friday!

Ruby (and my girls)

p.s. Attached are some pictures of our weekend to understand why we love being with our Papi so much.
seared tuna and salad
{ben made some seared tuna salads for us, and crab salads for the girls}

orange cauliflower
orange cauliflower
{orange cauliflower}

bolted romanesco broccoli
{bolted romanesco broccoli}

brussels sprouts
{brussels sprouts}


all together
{cuddling and watching the spurs game together}
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  1. You really have the sweetest family, I can see why you would want to cuddle all the time!

  2. The tuna and cauli look amazing!! Mmmm!!

  3. Food looks so yummy!
    That little baby is tooooooo cute! And her big sisters are beautiful! God bless you guys!!!

  4. So adorable.
    and can I say that's refreshing and a little weird that your pictures of your veggies looks SO scrumptious! ;)

  5. I'm so proud of you for making your girls love veggies. I need to come undergo your treatment so I'll want to eat healthy. (I type as I eat a brownie.)

  6. OMG that last picture of your husband with your three little girls is absurdly cute! I love all their dark heads of hair. Precious.

  7. yea, Mondays are yucky. Your vegetable garden is awesome!

  8. that salad looks delicious! i can't get over how so.darn.cute. your family is

  9. Do you ever look at your kids and want to cuddle them so hard that they pop? I think parenthood makes you somewhat cannibalistic - I just want to chew on my son's thighs.

    Charlotte xx

  10. is all that gorgeous vegetable growing in you garden.. wow.. it all looks great..
    i crave for the weekend for the same purpose.. cuddle time

  11. aww ruby, i know just what you mean! the weekends are really all i've got with my hubby too! i can't say he cooks like ben does, but he's pretty good at the cuddling. :)

  12. brooke- if brownies were in my house, i would be eating them as i type too!

  13. just came across your blog the other day and i haven't been able to stop myself from browsing ever since. you and your family are such an amazing bunch. i really do love you and your way of life. i can only hope that my life is half as amazing someday. you are so artistic and you have such a way with the camera. just plain beautiful, love love love everything about this blog! you are so inspiring, had to let you know!


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