February 16, 2010

polaroid tuesday: week seven

week seven
These tulips are a lovely reminder of our Valentine's Day. Though, we just don't kiss on February 14th. We kiss everyday!

Wanna know what a normal day for me kinda looks like? Check out Design for Mankind as I am very honored to be featured as one of their dailies.
my daily on design for mankind
See my daily here, it involves a lot of diaper changes! Thanks Erin and Marisa!


  1. I loved reading your daily! It is always fun to peek into another mama's schedule. Especially one with three kiddos.


  3. i love tulips. my gma just got some in the mail today from san fran...and we have no idea who sent them. fun huh?
    i love your polaroid pictcha!

  4. karen- haha... not quite. YOU ARE!!!

  5. Those tulips are so pretty! Gorgeous photo.

  6. yay!! you guys really are just the cutest. i couldn't help tumblr-ing one of the pics of true from your daily- you give me serious baby fever, lady!!! but I will keep living vicariously thru you for a loooooong while, lol.
    much love to you guys ♥~L

  7. I loved reading about your day. I have no idea how you manage 3 kids all day. I really crave being at home with my 2 kids but somedays am very happy that I get a break to go to work. I love that your girls are as creative as you and Ben are.

  8. That is one thing I miss about living in Chicago -- the abundance of tulips in the pre-spring/spring days.

  9. Hi there, i loved your daily post so cute and nice to see another mum of 3 that still managed craft time in the day. Do your girls ever fight? My boys seem to be at each other so much and only occupied by the crafts for such a short period of time. Anyway the ballerina doll in the pic u posted with your girl in bed was that from warm sugar? was it custom? i ADORE it and want one for my girl! Id love to see a bigger pic of her. THANKS!

  10. I loved it! Thanks for letting us be so nosy :)
    PS: I love those tiny easels!!

  11. karlacola- yes my girls fight!!!

    and the easels are from ikea.

  12. Ruby - Can I bug you about your special ballerina doll again please? Upon looking at it. I feel sure that you made this wonderful piece of art. What are the chances I can see a close up picture so i can make one for my girl? I wonder if there is a way you could email it to me or post it to my blog if you dont want to post it on yours ?
    let me know. i just ADORE it.. YES THAT MUCH that i need to use caps LOL
    Not sure but perhaps u can post it on my page as a comment? Im new to blogging.. kind of or email karlacola@yahoo.com and umm thank you for helping me stay inspired.. you dont know it but you do.
    Off to finish sewing some heather ross dresses


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