February 5, 2010

hearts, hearts, and more hearts

Since I was in a much better love mood yesterday, we went back to the happy heart making mode. I was drawing hearts for the girls and teaching them how to draw it too. I would say, "Make a V, then add an M on top."

Here is a funny little bit, you see True is on the left, well, if you look closely at the drawing, you can find one heart that looks to have some cherries on top. Actually, she drew the V, then the M on top, and then proceeded to add little circles on top of the M and said, "Look, Mommy can feed Soul." I nearly died of laughter!
making hearts
(large clipboards were from Joann's craft store)

They wanted more practice drawing hearts, so then I drew some for them and gave them tracing paper to put on top for them to trace the hearts. Somehow Brave was still not able to follow the lines, but oh well!
making hearts

We moved on to painting and we made hearts from our thumbprints. Brave always get a bit carried away and make some extra heart with her thumbs.
thumbprintsour heart thumbprints

Soul and I, still in our pajamas (And I know Ben will say, "Why did you let Soul wear those for the picture?" But whatever we don't dress cute all the time.) were right next to them supervising.
soul watching sisters paint

After our heart thumbprints, I took out some small canvases for the girls to continue making their own works of art. These little paintings are quite done and will continue on today.
projects of the day
It is always fun and relaxing doing things like this with the girls. They enjoy it so much! When Ben came home, they were raving and ranting about what they made and how they did it. They were so proud! We will be working on more fun stuff today and tomorrow as some friends are coming over and we are putting together my best friend's wedding invitations. 'Tis will be a busy, busy weekend and don't forget to check back tomorrow as I will introduce my newest sponsor and our newest giveaway (oh and don't forget to check the newest pictures below).

Happy Friday folks!


  1. I love the heart thumb prints! Sebastian picked out hot pink for his painting this week and spent a total of three minutes painting on a grocery bag before he called it a day. I guess he knew what he wanted it to look like!

    I cut out a heart shape around it and stuck it on the fridge. However, I think I'll see if he enjoys getting his fingers covered in paint because it would be fun to send handmade Valentine cards to family members!

    Thinking of you guys!!!

  2. ive always been scared to have kids but looking through yours and rachels blogs make me feel better about trying next year. my husband wants kids now:)
    and yall are such good fun mommies!
    do you have any advice?

  3. I love making those little thumbprint hearts. I used to work for a pottery painting studio and we would make jillions of those this time of year with all the little one's that came in to paint. So fun!! Thanks for reminding me how fun those are to make. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Who even notices what Soul is wearing when she is so very cute? I love the face she is making!

  5. Such a great time you are all having! We are getting bombarded with snow right now so crafting indoors in our pajamas is fun right now.Love the thumbprint hearts...how cute!

  6. I love this simple thumb print heart painting stuff! I will definitely be utilizing this craft idea next week. :)

    And I'm still in my pajamas too... snow day!!!

  7. BEST pic of you and Soul! Love the jammies. Yay jammies.

  8. Oh my. Soul just melts my heart.

  9. All of your girls are so adorable, and I love the picture of Soul!

  10. Oh,these adorable pictures of Soul makes me want another... She is so very precious.

  11. I love how you girls are so creative! So lucky to have a creative mama.



  12. They will remember this forever!! Brave will eventually be able to follow your lines... in her photo you can see she still is practicing larger motor skills. Those fine motor skills don't really kick in until closer to five. If you remember seeing Kindergarteners' drawings, there is such a huge range of drawing ability. They seem to even out more by the time they are in second grade (your grade!!). There's always that kid that can draw well at 6 and might just be the next great illustrator!


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