January 5, 2010

polaroid tuesday: week one

week one
One of my favorite girls on one of my favorite chairs.


  1. Yippe! I'm so glad to see you are continuing your polaroid project! I can see it morphing into a Chronicle book one day. :-)

    Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year!


  2. oh my!
    she looks so tiny in that chair!!!

    glad to see the 52 weeks back up!

    (I may try to do a photo of the week...I've been following a few 365 projects, but yikes! I can't commit to that!)

  3. The only way I could love this photo more is if it were my daughter in my own boogie chair!

    She is so precious, Ruby! I want to babysit your kids!

  4. Aww... she just makes me want to give her a kiss on her little cute face. She seems like she has changed so much already...I think I see a little more of Brave in her face. Can't wait to see more polaroids & I'm glad that you are continuing it. :)

  5. My little one had that much hair too! Happy to see Polaroid Tuesday :)

  6. I missed so many of last year's Polaroid Tuesdays due to the fact that I joined really late in the year. I am so looking forward to seeing all 52 this year. Especially if they are of your beautiful daughters.

  7. Oh dear. That is too perfect. Look at all that hair.

  8. Ruby- That is so adorable. I miss Soul and the girls!!

  9. you know how bloggers inspire each other. well, you've just inspired my to start my own polaroid project. thanks for giving me the boost!

  10. This picture of Soul reminds me of the polaroids my parents took of us when we were bebes. <3

    Your children are very beautiful. I showed my 5 yr. old & she thought they were cute! :)

    I also wanted to share with you that I'm expecting my second girl this April & we'll be naming her Amelie Sol, which is "sun" in Spanish.

    Thanks for continuing you polaroid project! Such a creative way to be with your family & make memories.

  11. i miss you sister..
    see you tomorrow!

  12. soul is so cute in the boogie!

  13. freakin adorable! sooooo sweet ♥


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