September 2, 2009

sometimes days are just bad

Yikes! Monday and Tuesday I have been nothing short of cranky. Long story short, Ben didn't take care of something that was supposed to be taken care of, so I ended up having to do it and hit a lot of snags in the process. I was not happy with him and the situation (see, we really do fight!). I really tried to "rejoice in the Lord always" throughout the ordeal, but I was pretty angry and well, I didn't. Ben felt really bad and apologetic for everything that I had to go through, so after work yesterday he came home with a nice little treat from my favorite shop.
he bought it
Now, how can I stay mad at him when he handed me my treat and a big fat kiss?!! Just not possible. Don't worry my Benny isn't only a treat giver when he is in trouble, but it sure does make a frustrating situation a bit better, don't you think?

Today, will be spent doing things that I should have been doing Monday-Tuesday, but couldn't. That includes some wee little clothes sewing. It is time to get ready for the Fall, though summer heat is still here in California.

I will try better to rejoice through any snags today (Lord, help me)...


  1. so sweet of him!
    Gorgeous dress!

  2. what a pretty dress!! your ben needs to tell my kev how to pick up pretty things like this he is a bit lacking in the gift giving department lol

  3. My husband & I have fight also and he does the same also when he knows he is GUILTY & vice versa. Don't you just love when they buy you things or you buy it for yourself....he always laugh when we fight and I go out an spurge.

    Don't be mad at him...sometimes people do forget or too tired.

    There's always next day or 2 to take care of is not end of the world.

  4. So pretty! My boyfriend would never buy me clothes. You must share your secret as to how you get your partner to buy you nice clothes!! x

  5. i think your attitude about the whole thing is really great. you don't focus on just what he did, you admit your own faults as well--super healthy of you.

    and the dress is great :).

  6. WOW! so cute- he is the sweetest. i would love for cute to do something like this, most of the time after a fight he just sits and sulks.

  7. Aren't you lucky!
    We all have days/moments like that.
    Hang in there! We really do have the best husbands!
    (and they have the best wives) ;)
    I bet you're getting excited for baby to arrive!
    Tell me about the HEAT in's hot in NorCal, too.....hope you are avoiding the fires/smoke down there!

  8. What a lovely dress!

  9. It's those not-so-great days that make us really love the good days! We're heading towards our 17th anniversary on Sat. and love only grows out of experiencing those days you don't love but you figure out how to make the best of it! He's a keeper!

  10. ohmigoodness HOW SWEET is ben?! he gets major husband-points for sure. ;)

    xo. danni

  11. Amen! I have been a Crank-a-saurus-Rex lately, myself. That stinky old flesh creeping up on me! That cutey dress would be a day brightener, though!

  12. I think its healthy to have really bad days! Then you can vent out all the little things on your mind! and hey, if it gets you a super cute dress from Anthro then even more healthy! Tee-hee.. Bens good =)

  13. I always get happy when I see your blog pop up in my google reader. We all have those bad days. Love, love, love the dress.

  14. i must agree my benny is a doll! my mom always said he should write a book on how to love and romance a woman (though he definitely isn't perfect proved in our little recent rift), but is a definitely a sweetie!

    i love the dress so much too!!!

  15. I almost bought this in blue the other day! :) Good job Ben!


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