August 4, 2009

polaroid tuesday: week thirty-one

Today is my little Brave's 2nd birthday. She is such a big bundle of sugar that you just want to eat up! Her sweetness is really overflowing.
week thirty-one
Happy birthday Bravey! We love you...


  1. Happy birthday Brave!!!
    You truly are a lucky girl!!

  2. Happy birthday Brave!

    Ruby, I've read your blog for a while but never commented before. But I had to post birthday wishes for your sweet girl, since it turns out we share a birthday! I hope her day is wonderful, God bless!

  3. Happy Birthday Brave!!!

    Kisses to you from Brazil!

  4. So wonderful! Happy Birthday Brave! I know you will celebrate in style with that clever Momma of yours!

  5. coming out of lurkdom to say happy birthday to your sweet girl


  7. Happy Birthday Beautiful Brave!

  8. your children are precious. love your blog! happy birthday to your baby doll!

    i came here to ask a favor..... i thought i would come on here and ask a few creative bloggers that i love and follower for some help....

    im going to vegas this weekend with 4 other girls... one just turned 26 yesterday and the other turns 30 a few days after we get back...

    so, the other 3 of us wanted to do something a little special for them while we're there.... probably just pay for dinner but we're all prob give them a little gift too individually and thats where i need help.

    we are all new friends so we're not super close... just in the stages of getting to know each other.

    i dont want anything over the top or expensive. something just sweet, thoughtful and creative... and i was wondering with all the neat things you come across or just your creativity, if you have any little ideas as a sweet gift for a friends birthday. something small and different, no matter what i mean? one of my friends was going to give them a card with a starbucks gift card inside but i just wanted something a little more special.

    would love to hear your thoughts! would realllly appreciate it!!!

    thank you so much for taking the time to read this. xo.

    {PS anyone else that takes the time to read this and has something in mind, please share your ideas with me}! thank you!

  9. too cute, happy birthday little brave!


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