August 13, 2009

i need yeast

Today, I feel a bit like yeast-less dough. I just don't want to rise. I am so tired. Therefore, I will just leave you with pictures from last night's dinner.
rising doughlet it riseingredientsa taco pizza
Anyone else need some yeast too?


  1. Where did you get your pizza dough recipe? Looks like a good one.

  2. ohhh my goodness. shouldnt have looked at this before not eating anything yet today! im drooling! yummy!

  3. i need tons of yeast--i have been not wanting to get out of bed for about two weeks and it's so silly because i have toooonnnnnssss of stuff that i want and have to do.

    maybe our bodies just need catch-up days...or weeks :).

  4. I'm sleepy and it's not even 800pm yet! Sign of a good long day, methinks.

    Loverly pizza shots!

  5. oh btw, how did u make your pizza look so perfect? it was so hard to work with the pizza dough and i could never get it into the shape i wanted it to.

  6. i do, and i'm not even pregnant! The overcast mornings make it so difficult to get anything done. I'm solar powered for sure.


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