July 28, 2009

polaroid tuesday: week thirty

Sunday afternoon at the beach. 
week thirty
I really wish I went to the beach more often. 


  1. I wish I did, too. I grew up in West Michigan, only a few minutes away from Lake Michigan, and then moved to the desert in Albuquerque 3 years ago! I miss it SO much!

  2. beautiful! I love beach days!

  3. Is this the little cove at Corona Del Mar Beach? I used to go there as a kid with my parents for every beach trip. There used to be a cave that my dad would walk us through, but the last time I was there it was totally closed up and full of sand.

    You can come to my house and we can go to the beach together anytime :O)

    Love, Susan

  4. I do miss the beach. We were about 45 minutes away growing up in So Cal. Now it's a vacation, not just a day trip.

    Have you ever been to the Gulf..Alabama or Florida? Ah the sugary sand is hard to beat.

  5. multiple summer beach trips is a must , i try and get cute to go almost every weekend. when we wake up and he asks me what i would like to do i simply say "beach", and we see how it goes from there. :)

  6. I wish you would go more too, because you take lovely pictures of it!

  7. what a gorgeous pola.
    it's like a painting!

  8. yes, when in SoCal, the beach is a must. the ocean is just so mesmerizing, and it salty ocean air makes me a less cranky. hahha! we were at Laguna beach on Saturday, and the waves were huge! but it was all good. Good fun with family.

  9. i LOVE this polaroid. it reminds me of my honeymoon.

    new york weather is so ridiculously gloomy right now. rain is the only thing in the forecast. it really makes me miss california and having the beach 5 minutes away.

    this picture makes me happy. :)


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