June 29, 2009

it was too hot

The heat has hit and boy did it hit hard. Yesterday was 102 degrees and just terrible. On the way home from church, I made Ben satisfy my request for icee and then we came home and I made pink lemonade freshers... refreshing. Refreshing is True's new vocabulary word. I am not sure True liked the lemonade as much as she liked the straws, which were a gift from Erika a long time ago, and I finally found the perfect special occasion to use it. Brave, on the other hand, loved it and got 2 servings of the refreshing drink, but then again, Brave loves everything. 
pink lemonade + 102 degrees = ahh!!!
sipping cutely
toesies in the grass
Of course, the heat also means bare little feetsies on the grass. I don't know how my girls do it cause they run all over the yard (in the sun) and don't care, while I think it is too hot and stay under the shade. I guess collecting rocks and flowers are much more important to them than worrying about the heat. 

The forecast for the week will be hot and busy. Lots to do. I need to make a list to make sure I get everything done, but we are excited for Saturday to come. Summer is in full swing here and getting exciting, even if it isn't my favorite season. I definitely have visions of lots of lemonade, salads and yummy sandwiches being eaten on the front porch. It's in my head and I hope it happens lots! By the way, does anyone have a killer lemonade recipe? One that doesn't call for too much sugar, but is the perfect balance between tart and sweet. 

Happy Monday all!!!


  1. you have the prettiest little girls. everytime you post photos, i am blown away at how adorable they are!!

  2. I used a recipe I found online (can't remember the source) but it uses 1/4 cup agave nectar, one cup water and the juice of 8 large lemons. No sugar! And, if you like tart lemonade, this may be perfect for you... I definitely go for tart. You can up the agave if you like a little more sweet. Yummers!

  3. When I was pregnant with my son, I craved Icee's all the time. And the type of ice they serve in drinks at Sonic. My husband didn't understand how I could crave a certain shape of ice, but I did!

  4. hmm pink lemonade. i could drink some of that right now.

  5. oh lemonade. my favorite drink no matter the season.

    i definitely remember being able to tolerate the heat alot better when i was younger.

    your girls are gorgeous.

  6. Ordinarily I would be extremely jealous of you in the middle of summer, with us in the middle of winter, however, today we are forecast t-shirt weather so I am happy and do not begrudge you your refreshing drinks and the girls running around barefoot! : )

  7. I have no idea where I saw it the recipe said to blend strawberries AND WATERMELON.

  8. My kids also seem to be oblivious to the heat! I, too, am on the hunt for the perfect lemonade. I've tried several recipes but can't seem to find one that is just right.

  9. I know, it's like extreme heat or cold doesn't effect them! Us grown ups are so wimpy! Katie will get into freezing cold ocean water and not even blink!

  10. these photos are so cute — as are those adorable straws!

  11. Wow, what a nice pictures! As a real Dutch mom it was funny to recognize those very Dutch straws from Fiep Westendorp. They make a pretty picture with your pink lemonade!


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