June 5, 2009

it isn't tuesday

I know it's Friday. Yesterday, was my baby seester's high school graduation. Every time I would think about it I would start to tear up. 

There should be a rule: Pregnant women are not allowed to attend a baby sister's graduation. 

It just wouldn't be good for the makeup. Nevertheless, I went and teared, but good thing was that I was busy taking pictures that it kept my hormones at bay. I'm glad. It was grand. She is done and tonight we will celebrate. Here are some polaroids I took that help keep me from crying.
polaroids taken at rj's graduation
polaroids taken at rj's graduation
polaroids taken at rj's graduation
Happy Friday everyone!

Don't forget to check back over the weekend as there will be a cool-you-won't-want-to-miss-it sponsor giveaway...


  1. Aw congratulations to your sister! I went to two best friends' graduations this week, and I finish my homeschool education on Tuesday. It's an exciting season! But I know it's emotional for those watching and loving.

  2. LOVELY pics of the big event! You have a gorgeous family. My little baby sister graduates from high school in 2014. Which seems so far away. But really, it's probably not so far away.


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